Organizational Chart Capabilities

An org chart shows the structure of an organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs.

Such relations might include managers to sub-workers, directors to managing directors, chief executive officer to various departments, and so forth.

bCommunities offers a simple way to specify such hierarchical relationships. Future versions will include graphical charts to visually represent the organizational structure.

In its current form, the network allows companies to add employees and show who reports to whom.


Indicating Reporting When Adding a New Employee

When you add a new employee, you'll be asked to indicate who does that employee report to. If you're the only user in the account, only you can be selected as the user's superior. Keep reading to see how to change that. 


Changing Who a User Reports To

Once you have more than two users in the app, you can change who reports to whom anytime. To do so, go to Settings > My Users and click the button Edit to select the new supervisor for that particular user. 


You can change this anytime. There are no validations setup in the system at this time, so pay attention to the overall structure you already have in place. 


I Don't Want to be the Account Owner!

If your role in the platform is Account Owner, you can always assign that role to someone else in your organization. See Here. Only Account Owners can change that role and they can only assign someone who has an Administrator role. To change a user's Role, please read this article.

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