How much does bCommunities cost? 

You can signup here for 15 days of unlimited use. Then, you can buy as many Pro users as needed on a monthly basis or stay Light* for as long as you want.

PRO user accounts allow those users to create tasks and projects. Once you buy one Pro user, you get the next two for free and all PRO accounts include the possibility of adding unlimited free Light users.

All accounts also include unlimited invitations to external contacts, clients and vendors, SSL encryption, receiving tasks from other organizations, email integration, microblogging, contact management, and a whole lot more.


PRO Edition - $34.99 Pro User/Mo.

All accounts are considered PRO when they purchase, at least, one Pro internal user.

  • UNLIMITED projects and tasks.
  • Unlimited free internal Light users.
  • Unlimited free external users.
  • Internal security.
  • Internal ratings and notes on clients and providers.
  • Create unlimited SmartDocs.
  • 2GB of storage per user. $1/GB additional.

LIGHT Edition - $0.00 User/Mo.

All trial accounts convert to Light Edition after expiration. Typically best suited for suppliers.

  • External Security.
  • NO internal security. All internal users will be able to see ALL incoming projects and tasks.
  • NO Project or task creation but you will be able to receive tasks from others.
  • Unlimited free internal Light users.
  • Unlimited free external users. 


  • Contact Us at 1.844.B2B.FLOW or email.
  • API access and connectors to Salesforce, SAP...
  • Manage multiple divisions and companies.
  • Service Level Agreement.
  • Store files in your own servers.
  • Professional Services.
  • White Label. Create your own apps on top of our ecosystem as a service platform.
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