Completing tasks and delivering files

A client or colleague sends you a task asking you to deliver a file. What are you supposed to do?

NOTE: You cannot attach files to any bCommunities email notification. It will not reach your client or colleague.


1. Accept or Reject the task assignment from the email notification she sent you.

2. Login to Deliver Task.

After you're done with the work they requested you to do, you'll need to log into the app to be able to mark the task as finished (Complete Task button) or indicate the task has been Partially Delivered. Here is how:


3. Find and Open the Task. 

After you log in, you'll land in the Home Dashboard. Depending on your choice of widgets, you'll probably find a link to the task you received by email. When you click on any task link, it will appear from the right panel. See below for more details on what to do after that.


Alternatively, you can also go to PROJECTS from the main menu. There you'll find a list of projects you're involved with. Click anywhere on the bar of the project you're working on. 


4. Upload Your Files and/or Deliver the Task

Now, you'll see a list of tasks assigned to you. Click anywhere on the task bar to open it. You can also click directly in the Documents icon to get to that section faster. Upload files to the Deliverables section.


  • Now all you need to do is upload your files or enter a URL to reach it (if it's sitting on a third party cloud site).
  • Remember to click the Complete task or Partial Delivery buttons. The task Owner will then receive an email notification with your file links. 


It's Your Own Platform. Grow Your Business With It!

And remember that you can use bCommunities with your own clients and providers from this very account. bCommunities is an interconnected and secure work platform and your clients and vendors will never see other tasks or projects you manage from here. 

Welcome to Flowficiency!

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