Receiving and unfollowing conversations and notifications

Receiving Notifications

In order to keep updated on new conversations or comments to a current conversation a user is participating or monitoring, an email can be sent to their regular mail client (i.e. Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail…). Also, the notifications tab at the top of the screen will come down indicating a new message has arrived and a brief summary will be included.


Stop receiving notifications / Unfollowing conversations 

Anytime a user has monitoring or managing rights over a Conversation, they will see it in their Communications tab. This does not mean that they will be notified anytime there is a update.

A user can setup whether they want to be notified on any incoming message or select the kind of messages they want to be updated on in Settings (Production & Communications’ tab). Then they can add granularity to their choice and choose o Follow or Unfollow particular conversations from the Communications View or right from a task.


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