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The nuances and amount of particular definitions of the term “Milestone” in general Project Management documentation can be quite numerous. Generally speaking, a milestone is not something that it done, it is something to be reached.
bCommunities offers the possibility of employing this flag in a particular task in a way that allows for adaptation to different PM environments and methods. For instance, here are some definitions and their implementation through bCommunities' tasks:

- A point in time representing a key or important intermediate event in the life of a project.
- A particular task might be flagged as a milestone just to highlight its importance. The observations, place in the project and deliverables required will stress its importance.
- A clearly identifiable point in a project or set of activities that commonly denotes a reporting requirement or completion of a key component of a project.
- A task flagged as a Milestone in this context could actually be a reporting task and its title, ownership and resource will reflect this deliverable.
- An important project event placed at the end of a major project phase.
- A company that uses tasks chains as phases would always place a Milestone flag in their last tasks.

Indicates that the task must be completed with a tighter turnaround than task owner and resource have convened as the standard time needed to complete such a task.

Resource Acceptance Check
Indicates that the task has been accepted by resource. Should the resource choose to reject a task, a comment will be generated automatically, along with resource's own comments in the task main conversation, and their picture will disappear from task. Also, task's status will be set to Rejected.

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