Generic and Specialized Tasks

Like with any other project management tools, you can use bCommunities to manage any kind of task collaboration. But one of the unique features of this platform is that it will, soon, also provide a way to request tasks that are industry-specific.

For instance, using a generic task request form if you need a translation of a document from English into 10 different languages is possible but communication between users becomes much more efficient if the form they use has been designed to ask for the kind of information that is relevant in that particular industry.


Generic: To be used for any kind of task not covered by one of the platform’s specialized verticals. Generic tasks allow for source files, reference material files, and the rest of task features common to any other kind of task.

For instance, Translation-specific tasks will facilitate communication of task requirements and expectations to and between language professionals and agencies as well as internal resources tasked with the conversion of files into a different language. Translation-specific features are:

- Selection of one source and multiple target language/s, industry the text to translate is related to.
- Selection of type of Industry the files to translate belong to. This gives proper context to outside resources when contrasting the task owner’s needs with their current capabilities.

Other future tasks types includes voice, copywriting, interpretation and copyediting.

Make your suggestion on what other kinds of tasks you'd like to see in the future. 


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