Task Stakeholders

Defined as any bCommunities user that has rights to view, modify or interact with the rest of users who also have such rights over a given task. A Task is administered by a project owner and is assigned to a resource. The resource could be the task owner herself (self-assigned), a person within her own organization or a supplier outside the organization.



Owner: The organization and, by extension, its project managers with administrative rights over the task. They can Edit, Cancel, Put on-hold, Reassign, modify its start date and deadline, etc. The task owner might or might not have been its creator, since a resource can also create a task to be completed by themselves for a project owner outside of his or her own organization.

Resource: The organization and, by extension, its project managers, or an individual within an organization, in charge of providing a concrete outcome (a deliverable) for the task owner.

Administrators: Users within the owner or resource organizations who, by default, do not participate directly in a task nor get notifications by email but have rights to see and monitor any tasks others are managing in their organization. They are not displayed in the task details panel but can manage it if need be.

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