Advanced Project Creation & Definitions

New Project Creation


Project name: This is the name that will serve as an umbrella concept for all the tasks involved in achieving a project's goals.

Start date: Projected initial date for your first task/s. Field is editable by project owners only.

Completion date: Projected final deliverable date for last task/s of your project.

Project owner: This is the organization and user that has ultimate authority over a project.
Note: Even though the actual project owner is the organization that originally requests a project to be undertaken, from the point of view of intermediary suppliers downstream, their own client will be seen as the owner of the tasks/projects assigned to them.

The platform allows for an organization to generate a project for their client in their name. A typical scenario might be when a client does not want to use the platform as a self-service tool and/or expects their supplier to fill in project and task details for them.
In this case, the supplier selects a Project Owner other than their own organization and is required to choose the individual within the client organization who will be in charge of the project oversight.

Manager in charge: This refers to the person who champions the project within the organization, providing high-level direction. He or she may add more individuals within that organization as project managers who will have administrative rights and will be updated on all new tasks created after that point. It only appears on screen if the Project Owner selected is an organization other than that of the users’. If I create a project for my own organization, I become its Manager in Charge by default.

Repository: Body of legacy and reference files or guidelines applied to a particular project and related to a department, line of business, subject, etc. They belong, and can be created by an organization in order to drive all reference materials suggested to internal and external resources throughout all project-related tasks.

Project managers can add or subtract from the suggested set of repository files in every task. As files are added for a given task, they will also be available for future ones. When resources see them in their tasks, they can also add or subtract for their own resources but client's repository will not be affected by those changes.

Create new repository: Project managers and administrators can generate as many repositories as needed. This is, currently, only possible when creating a new project.

Project description or charter: a manager can choose to use the text window provided as a space to briefly describe the project’s goals and general specifications that should be taken into account throughout the life of the project and its tasks. The note will be visible to all users downstream in their project Details pullout. It ill also be available as a reference point in the email they get when the project is created or they get the first task related to it.

A proper Project Charter document can also be uploaded here. It will be posted (suggested) as reference material in all tasks related to project both internally and to all downstream providers. Project managers can choose to share it, or not, in tasks assigned to outside suppliers.

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