Why is my task ON HOLD?

You might feel a bit stuck by a task that has been sent to you but shows an On Hold status that doesn't allow you to complete it. Or maybe you assigned a task to someone but now it shows this status and you're not sure what's next. 

Here are some scenarios to help you decide what's going on and what you can do about it. 


Indicates a task that has been accepted by resource and is now in pause because

a) The start time is still in the future

  • Owner: You can Edit the task and modify the start date (unless you created it as a dependent task and the previous task delivery time is still in the future). 
  • Resource: Tell the task owner you're ready to start work on it if he can change the dates.

b) Owner of task has put it on hold temporarily.

  • Owner: Select the task and go to Actions to select to Restart it or go to task Details panel and restart it from there
  • Resource: Ask the task owner what the problem is.

c)  The task owner sent the task but has not yet Approved it. It's just an opportunity for now.

  • Owner: Click to Confirm Task at your Home widgets or within the task view in Projects.
  • Resource: You'll need to wait till they confirm you're supposed to work on it. It might be that the Owner does not know yet if this task will be eventually assigned to your. Maybe they don't even know if their client will want them to work on it yet.
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