I can't login (Send Fail message)

After you click the login button through our main web page, you'll be taken to the login screen ( ) where you will be able to enter the email address you registered as your username and the password you selected during registration or we sent you automatically with your welcome email (the second email after you verified your address).

Some users might experience an error message saying "Send Fail". 

This usually indicates that there is something blocking your access to the platform. Here are a list of possible causes and solutions:

  • Your internet connection has failed while you're trying to log into bCommunities and connectivity with the platform is lost.
  • Your browser's Flash version is not up to date. Try to login through another browser.
  • Some Mac users are reporting this problem when trying to login. We're working on this issue.
  • There might be a firewall that does not have port 8443 abilitated. Please contact your systems administrator to change this. This port controls access to some secured applications (HTTPS).

If you're still experiencing problems after implementing the proposed solutions, please open a ticket through this help site and we'll try to help in other ways. As you contact us, please let us know what devise and operating system you're using to access the platform.

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