Should I fill out the Organization profile if I'm not an executive within my company?

Most people invited to test bCommunities are not top executives in their organization or company. It is possible that their whole organization will never adopt bCommunities as their main hub for project and contact management or communications. 

If you are just checking out whether the platform will be useful to you and maybe a small team in your division or office, here are a few recommendations to keep things tidy and get the most out of it:

SCENARIO: You know of someone else within your company that is already testing or working with the application: 

  • If you have not yet accepted the invite from your contact, ask a co-worker with administrative rights in bCommunities to send you an internal invitation (adding you as an employee of the organization). 
  • If you have already accepted the invitation from your external contact you can just change the email address you use as login and then ask your co-worker to add you as an employee. You now will have two accounts in bCommunities. One as an internal member of the Organization you work with and another one you can use for personal purposes. In that second account, your role will be of owner and can invite your friends and family as external or internal contacts as well!

SCENARIO: You don't know of anyone else in your company using the platform OR would like to start a new bCommunity for your department or office: 

  • Setup your Personal and Organization Profiles filling our all relevant information.  
  • Should you want to change the account owner (i.e. your supervisor is now convinced of the value of the platform and you have now added him as an employee with Administrator role) you just need to Transfer the Account Ownership to him or her.
  • Note that any other bCommunity started in your company's name will be treated as an external entity by your account for all purposes. 
  • Should you want to merge the two companies' accounts at a later point in time, all you need to do is transfer the Account Ownership to the Account Owner of the other bCommunity (or vice-versa).
  • A future feature in our RoadMap is the ability to add divisions or offices to your bCommunity. 

SCENARIO: You are a Freelancer and you'd like it to stay like that: 

  • bCommunities has been designed with you in mind. We believe that all businesses share the same kind of basic needs and should have access to first rate functionallity at affordable price points. That's why we have created bCommunities to start with! 
  • Many independent professionals work under an assumed business name as well. If that is your case, just enter the data in the Organization Profile using your dba and contact info which might coincide your Personal Profile contact information. 
  • If you work under your own name, you will still need to fill out your Organization information. Just fill it out with the exact data you're using for your Personal Profile.
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