Can I change the personal details of my contacts?

Internal Contacts

If you have the role of Administrator or account Owner, you are allowed to change most of the information in your employees Personal Profile. Otherwise, only they can edit that information. 

External Contacts

The collaborative nature of bCommunities allows to have updated information from your partners the second they change it, instantly. They control their own details and information, just like you do yours.

This allows for better contact management  and reduces the amount of data entry related to shared information. Another area where this principle will become extremely handy is project management. You won't have to enter any data your partner shares with you on their bCommunities environment.

You and your employees will be able to add internal comments  related to that contact and company as well as rate them as a partner. This information belongs to your company alone and no one will be able to see it. The rest of their profile data is theirs and you cannot modify it.

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