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Documents and their control are a major aspect of bCommunities. The application allows for an organized view of all project-related files for easy future recovery by all stakeholders. Each task offers four differentiated folders. Following is a description of those folders, how the files get there and the actions available for user interaction and operability.

Source Files


Some tasks require a file-related deliverable that involves the analysis of a given set of base files or their alteration (i.e. Translation, text editing, review…). Source files can be uploaded from the Task Right Panel directly, when the task is being created or it can show as a source file once the predecessor task deliverable is completed.

When creating a task, user is given the following options:

No source file: The user will not be adding any source files because the nature of the task itself is such that there are no files associated with it at all.

Upload source file: In this scenario, the project manager already has the file or files and can upload them for resource to work with.

Files from predecessor task: The deliverable requires resource to analyze or transform a source file but the project manager does not have that source material available yet since it is the deliverable of a predecessor task. Rather than downloading said deliverables from the previous task and uploading to the present task when available, the project manager can automate that process selecting this feature.

Reference Materials


Offered to give additional instructions or context for the correct understanding and development of the task at hand. They can be uploaded at any time and also at task creation. Files in this category can also be produced automatically from a Documents Repository.



Here is where the task deliverable files are uploaded.

To complete a task that requires files, just upload them and then click on Actions > Complete Delivery. A Note area will pop up for you to enter a note to the owner of a task and confirm delivery.

You cannot deliver files by attaching them to a notification email. You can only deliver files through the task details section.

Files are automatically visible to all task stakeholders but user uploading them can hide them from others if file is not ready for delivery quite yet.


Allows for the exchange and confirmed agreement with legal documents posted by a partner. An example of this could be the assignment of a task for the sole purpose of sharing and signing a non-disclosure agreement before other tasks are created in a project. Any document that requires signoff by another bCommunities user can be posted in this section.

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