Microblogging Updates [VIDEO]

Updates are the microblogging tool within bCommunities. All your internal and external contacts will see your updates. The ability to choose whether an update is visible by all your contacts or just those within your company is on our roadmap.

An Update is a short, 140 character maximum length, message that a user broadcasts to their whole bCommunities account. This message will then be seen in a Home widget where they will be able to see all such updates from anyone in their Directory. 

These updates are also visible in their Directory bar. Any user directly connected to him or her will see the latest update next to their contact information and can also see their history of updates if they visit their Public Profile.

Updates don’t generate emails and can be turned on and off on contact per contact basis in Directory.


There are two ways to write a new update.

You can log in and click My Profile.

Then click in the white box above the Update status button and type a message.


You will receive an indication of how many characters you've typed so far. When done click the Update status button.


You can also write an update from the top-right drop-down window blind.


To see a status update, go to Directory and select a company.


And the update will appear. Note: you can also click the “stop following updates” button in this view if you don’t want to see them anymore.


If you want to see a history of updates of this contact, its profile.


And click the little “open book” icon.


You’ll see a history of any updates the person has made. When done, click the x in the upper right hand corner of the Updates History window.


When the updates panel has been added to the home page, updates will appear there:


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