Starting Conversations [VIDEO]

In bCommunities, conversations are designed to allow you to communicate about a project, and the system will keep track of the communication, so that team members can refer back to it later. 

There are different categories of conversations. Some are designed to allow you to communicate with others on a task, and the system will keep track of the communication, so that team members can refer back to it later. Others can be started as ad-hoc conversations on anything and are not related to any particular task. There will also be bCommunities administration communications that will keep you updated on platform scheduled down times and other important announcements.

There are several ways to start a conversation. To start one that’s not related to a task, you can log into bCommunities, click the New button at the bottom, and select the Conversation option.


You can also start ad-hoc conversations from the Communications screen...


...or by clicking on the envelope found on a particular contact’s directory bar. In this case, the conversation will be directed to that contact by default.


To start a new topic on a particular task, you’ll need to access that task’s Communications section on its right panel. This way, the conversation will be tracked as part of that task.


Conversations in bCommunities work similar to email. Choose a subject, a recipient, and type in a message, then click Send.


The To field allows you to type in the first letters of the name of a person.


You can click what the pop up window suggests.



Please note that you will not be able to just write the email address of a person you want to contact. You can only communicate with those already in your directory.
When ready, you can click the Send button.


The recipient will get an email and will also receive a copy of the message in their bCommunities inbox (Communications screen).


To check and/or access conversations, a user can log in and click the Communications link at the top of the screen . Any conversations will be listed there. By default, conversations are listed in order of the conversation with the latest activity.


After you select the conversation and you see it appear on the right side of your screen, you can click in the field below to type a reply.
When done, click Send Message.


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