Checking details and Editing Tasks [VIDEO]

Learn how to perform actions such as edit or cancel a task and how to check documents uploaded and communications received.



To review details in tasks, log in, click Projects at the top, and then click anywhere in the project bar area to select a project and see its first level tasks.


When looking in the project, locate the desired task, and click the Details button.


There are various kinds of details you can review and edit within a task. Basic information will appear.

Editing Tasks


If you’re the owner of that project, the actions menu will allow you to set it and all its tasks on hold or to cancel it and also edit it.

The project or task’s owner can modify some elements in them like start and finish dates, etc. Not all elements can be changed from the Edit action since it could affect adversely the correct management of an ongoing project with multiple tasks and assigned resources.


If you want to “collapse” the detail view, you can click on the small triangle on the left edge, or anywhere in that darker edge bar:


Towards the bottom, you can click on the Task Communications bar, and start or update a conversation about this task. It will show any messages that have been created related to this task.


You can also click on the Task Document Control section. It will show files associated with the task. The tabs at the top allow you to access and/or upload various kinds of files to associate with the task. Note that some actions and options will only be available if you are an Owner or a Resource on a particular task. Eg: company sends confidentiality agreement or purchase order, resource sees it on the Legal tab and accepts or rejects the terms.


To perform additional actions, click the checkbox next to the desired file and click the Actions menu.

To upload a file, click the Upload File button.

To access a file, click on the filename.

In deliverables section, the resource can choose to make files invisible to others until she makes sure task is ready to submit.

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