Creating Tasks

After a project is created, a New Task window will automatically come up. Please note that all projects must contain at least one task. This means that if you click Cancel that first task, the Project itself will also be deleted.

Another way to create a new task is to select a project, navigate to the desired task phase and the level you’d like to create your task in and click the New Task button.

Next, you’ll get a step-by-step wizard. The options on each wizard are related to what type of task you choose (Eg: generic, translation, etc.)

After entering the task details (start date, completion date, instructions) you can indicate whether there are Source files or Reference materials.

You can add Source files by uploading them, or pasting their URL or indicate that the files will be available as soon as the resource from a predecessor task uploads them as his or her deliverables and completes the task. (See more details on Document Control)

There is another tab for Reference materials. 

In this step you can also choose the workflow automation set ups for this task (see Project Workflow Automation for more information).

When done, depending on the type of task you're creating, you can choose Assign to myself or Assign to others. Other task types will require you to fill out one more step or two before selecting a resource.

If you choose for the task to be Saved or Assigned to yourself, the wizzard will close and the task will be assigned to yourself. 

If you Choose the Assign to others option, you'll be taken to the next step where you can choose who to assign the task to:

  • An Internal Team member
  • An External contact
  • Invite and Assign the task to someone who's not in your directory. You can even assign it to someone who's never heard of bCommunities. They will be send two email notifications. One with telling them you've given them a free forever Light edition account to work with you (this includes their login and password).

They will also receive another email with the details of this task. It will explain what bCommunities is all about and what to do next. 



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