Creating a Project

The very definition of 'project' depends very much on the nature of an organization’s work and the frame of reference of the different stakeholders in their projects.

A commonly recognized set of characteristics is that a project is a one-time effort to accomplish an explicit objective by a specific time. It has a distinguishable start and finish and a time frame for completion. It includes a unique set of coordinated tasks or activities, which also have definite starting and finishing points.

bCommunities’ projects can be adapted to offer a management environment suitable for most organizations and regardless of the kind of business objectives they intend to accomplish.

To create a new Project, log in and click Projects on the main menu.


You can either choose the +New Project button or go to the bottom menu and click NEW and then PROJECT.


You’ll be given an opportunity to enter various kinds of information. You can read more details in our Terminology section about Projects.


To select a date range for the project, click the small calendar icon.


Click on a day to choose it; you can also switch months by clicking the arrow icons.


You can create a project you want to manage or create a project for one of your clients to manage, in which case your organization will mostly take the role of provider or resource.


If you choose another organization as the Project Owner, you’ll be asked to select a project manager from the list of contacts you have in that organization.


You can also select an existing repository in the drop down menu.

If you’d like to create one, click the “Create a new one” checkbox. If you do, then you will have to name by clicking on the empty field to the left.


You can also enter a description and/or upload your project charter. When done, click Create Project.


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