Assigning Tasks [VIDEO]

Assign tasks to resources within your company, from your directory or invite a new partner.


If you assign the task to yourself you will automatically see it as part of the project it is related to.


If you click Assign to others, you will be directed to the resource selection step.

Here, you are presented with two columns.

The column on the left contains people you can choose to select as resources for this task.


Click to select the desired person.


Then click on the arrow to “move” the person over to the selected column. You can also just double click on them.


The selected person will show up on the right.


You can click the “Internal Users” to restrict the view to people within your company.


You can replicate the task and send it to as many people as you need by adding more resources to the list. Keep in mind that this will generate multiple tasks with one resource each.

While on the Resource selection task wizard step, you can also click the New Partner button to invite someone who is not in your network yet.

When you click on the button, the New Contact window will come up. See section on Inviting external partners. Whether they are a bCommunities user or not, they will receive an invitation to participate in your project.


At the bottom menu of this window you have the options to Save Task or Save and Send to Resource/s.


If you decide to not send the task yet to the Resource you click Save Task. The task will then appear in the project related with an action button saying Send to Resource.


If you decide to send the task to the resource at this time, you select Save & Send to Resource/s. The selected person will then get an email and see the task you sent in their list of tasks. They will be asked whether they want to accept it or not.


Meanwhile, until the contact decides to accept it or not, you will see in your account an "Awaiting Acceptance" notification on the task. Task status will be set to Sent.


If your resource accepted the task they will see its status either as On Hold (if start date is still in the future or you have not Confirmed the task) or Active to indicate that they can start working on it.


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