Rating Partners [VIDEO]

When managing settings, another feature that you’ll sometimes want to use is to rate the partners you work with.

This provides an internal method of building knowledge about individual partners, either clients or providers, based on your experience in working with them.

For example, you might want to establish a protocol within your company, so that when any individual project is completed, you ask internal team members to rate the partners they were working with, to help build up internal knowledge for making future decisions. 

To rate a partner, click Directory.


 then find a partner and click on them.


The resulting window will show a series of ratings on the right, which are dependent on people filling them out. 

Ratings can also be made on a Company level and votes to concrete contacts will also be averaged with the rest of the company ratings.

Keep in mind that your external partners will never have access to this information.


To rate them, move your mouse pointer over the desired star, and click. Each internal employee’s latest 10 votes on each category will be averaged with the votes of other people in your organization who has access to that external contact’s profile.


The small red icon in the upper right indicates the internal comments about this partner and allows you to view the latest comments and add one if you want.


You can also view the latest comments on providers and clients in your dashboard.


To set this view, go to My Preferences area in Settings.There, you will find a menu that allows you to enable/disable what panels appear on the dashboard. Just click the checkboxes to enable/disable the internal comment’s view.
When done, click the Apply changes button.


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