Inviting a New bCommunities user [VIDEO]

If you invite somebody that is not a user of the bCommunities platform yet, it will say User not found. Choose the nature of the relationship.


Please keep in mind that bCommunities is not to be used as a solicitation tool and you should only invite people you’re already in contact with.

On the left side of the screen we encourage you to enter as much information as you have available about each of your contacts. It will make it easier on them once they log in for the first time. They will be able to edit it once they log in.

On the right side you can click and enter a personalized greeting before the Beta invitation. Click Send.


The invitees will receive your invitation in their email inboxes. They might reply to your message as they would with any regular email and you’ll get that message in your Communications Tab and by email.


Once they accept your invitation (which implies they also accept our Beta Agreement) they will be welcomed to the platform and automatically be connected to your bCommunity as an external contact.


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