Production & Communications

The last tab of Settings menu is dedicated to all Production & Communications adjustments.

To adjust Production & Communications settings, log in, click on Settings, and select the Productions & Communications tab.




Default Start and Delivery Time 

You can set up a default start and delivery time for tasks you create. So, if you generally want to receive all your deliverables before end of business day, you can select the expected time of delivery to 4 pm by default.


Start Projects and Tasks at Number

Enter the number you want your projects and tasks to start with. This is useful in case you already keep track of your projects by assigning a project number to them and don’t want to start from 0 with bCommunities. Note that you can change this at any time and that not using this feature correctly could possibly mean that you end up with two projects or tasks with the same ID.


Project Automation

You can read the effect that each of these settings by default will have in your projects and tasks by hovering your mouse over them. A tooltip will come up with a detailed explanation. Please check also our Concepts and Definitions chapter on Projects for more details.


Invitation Permission Settings

Select from whom you want to keep receiving invitations and control your level of engagement from new contacts in the platform.


Default Email Notifications

This panel gives you options to control whether you'll be receiving emails automatically on each one of the types of conversations and messages listed.

Once you've enabled the selector for, say, Production notifications, you will also be able to Follow or Unfollow specific conversations within that category.


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