Account Management

The bCommunities Account Management section can only be accessed by the Account Owner. Please read carefully the notes before changing these settings as they all bear consequences for your bCommunities account and its users.

Changing The Account Owner

This allows you to pass on the control of the bCommunities account to someone else in your company. Here's a possible scenario. Paul was invited into bCommunities and started exploring the possibilities with a small group of people in his office. They realized it could help the rest of their division to manage their supply chain in a much more efficient way. So, when the 14-day trial was about to end, Paul changed the ownership to Marta, the Division head. From that moment, she was in charge of managing the account and paying the bill!

To do this, just go to Settings>Account Management and select the name of another team member from the list. Only Administrators will appear in this list. To change the Role of the user you want to transfer control over, please read this.

Transfer bCommunities account

While Paul was testing bCommunities, someone else in his division was also quietly checking it out. When Marta announced that the division would start using bCommunities officially, he didn't want his projects and contacts (as well as his own user) to be lost or deleted. So he transferred his account into the already formed bCommunities account. 

You must be the Account Owner to do this. Simply go to Settings>Account Management and in the Transfer bCommunities Account, add the email of the owner of the other account you want to transfer this one into. All users and projects will be transferred over. Let us know if you think something went wrong in the process. 

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