Conversation elements and participants

All conversations feature two levels of user engagement:

Conversation: This is the central trunk of all communications. It is composed of a header that shows the first message

Comments: These are created when a user with access rights to any conversation writes a message in response to the main conversation trunk.

Conversation Participants

All conversations started from a task include in it, by default, all users who have hand-on or monitoring rights over that task and their names can be seen within the header for editing. bCommunities allows users to invite anyone in their directory into any conversations at any time. This allows for maximum flexibility. New participants get to see the initial header and all messages available after they joined it. This is valid for both Production and Ad-hoc conversations.

In order to avoid privacy issues, only the name and last name’s first letter are allowed in conversations. Participants removed from a conversation will not be able to see future comments made.


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