Approved and Not Yet Approved Task Status

Clear project communication is crucial when engaging vendors or getting a task request from your client.

Not all tasks are "a go" just because someone sends it to you. A project manager might be assessing whether she can count on you or a particular set of resources for a task once it's confirmed by her own client.

bCommunities takes away the guesswork by offering a quick way to respond to the question “So, do you expect us/me to execute and deliver on this or is it still pending approval?”

Not Yet Approved

This is also called an Opportunity. A task that is offered to a resource but has not been assigned yet. The project owner might not know if they will actually need to complete that task or might have not decided whether the particular resource will be the one selected to complete it.

“Here’s an upcoming task”, “I want you to take a look at it and tell me if you'd like to work on it or not” 

To indicate a task has not yet been approved, just select that option when you create it BEFORE you assign it to your resource/s.

The email notification the Resource will receive will clearly indicate that she should NOT start working on delivering it till further notice. They will be encouraged to Accept or Reject it. 

The task Owner can, at any time, convert this task into Approved by accessing that task through the app.

Everyone involved will then receive an email update with the news of the Approval. 



An Approved Task is a task that is assigned, or becomes assigned, to a particular provider and has been confirmed. Resource now knows that this task is their responsibility as soon as it becomes active.

“This is a go, do it as soon as it becomes active.”

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